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5 Core Values : Love, Respect, Responsibility, Transparency, Collaboration


Angels’ Haven is a Christian organization whose mission is to follow Jesus in working with the poor and the afflicted, to relieve their suffering, and promote the transformation of their wellbeing. We maintain our Christian identity while being sensitive to diverse contexts and serve all people regardless of their nationality, religion, and ethnicity.


The late Rev. Sung-Ryul Yoon, who was a founder of Angels’ Haven, emphasized the need to, “Help others with your knee knelt”. It means to serve from the bottom of your heart, with a modest mind, regardless of their age, sex or disability. Like his words, Angels’ Haven does not simply regard people who need help with sympathy, but rather respect them as our neighbors and family. We do not judge them unilaterally but provide services that fit their needs and desires.


Angels’ Haven takes responsibility for all children in need who have at anytime been associated with Angels’ Haven. We keep relation with any child who has been supported by Angels’ Haven. We will never stop until they can stand on their own.


When Angels’ Haven was first established, about 80% of the total budget came from foreign aid such as CCF or MCOR. They not only support us, but also check whether we operate our business properly. According to the data of board of directors in 1964, Angels’ Haven authorized clarity and received positive estimation.
Now, though nearly fifty years have passed, Angels’ Haven regards clarity and reliability as the most important value.

Angels’ Haven runs 27 different ministries. Each department serves people who have different needs with the vision of Angels’ Haven and the spirit of transparency. We acknowledge that administrative office is accountable for the fund entrusted to us. Angels’ Haven is contracted with a monitor group to check our funds to asses that they have been used the way supporters wanted.


There is a limit to the support we alone can provide for our neighbors in need with the resources we have. Therefore, Angels’ Haven actively cooperates with other local and global NPO to provide networking service. By this collaboration, people in need are able to get the best services they need.