Strength of Angels´ Haven

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Angels´ Haven was founded by Rev. Sung Yul Yoon and missionary John Joseph Theis to help the war orphans. Forty-nine years have gone by since then. A vast majority of the 1,200 children who grew up at Angels´ Haven have become pastors, doctors, professors, entrepreneurs, teachers, public servants, and social workers. Since the 1980s, Angel´s Haven has systematically established education rehabilitation, social psychological rehabilitation, medical rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation facilities. Furthermore, through a publishing house called the "Human and Welfare Books", we are endeavoring to raise public awareness on disability issues. Angels’ Haven is also entrusted to run two nurseries, and a Youth Center, cosigned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government along with a short-term shelter for women and children, and a rehabilitation facility for released prisoners.
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Angel´s Haven runs 27 different ministries. Each department serves people who have different needs with the vision of Angels´ Haven and with the spirit of transparency.
We acknowledge that the administrative office is accountable for the fund entrusted to us. Angels´ Haven is contracted with a monitor group to check our funds to see whether it has been used the way supporters wanted.
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Global Development

Beginning in the 1990s Angels´ Haven has expanded its program to other countries including Vietnam, Thailand, and Africa.
We have begun our work in disaster relief, hunger alleviation, and poverty reduction