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Make a Regular Donation

Thank you for your interest in the charitable work of Angels’ Haven! We are thankful to God that through these collaborative efforts we can make a difference for people who are in need.

Make a One-Time Donation

You can choose to donate a gift in honor of someone special and give hope for children to go to school, and overcome poverty.

Ways to Give
  • Give scholarship for children in low-income family
  • Sponsor medical care for disabled children
  • Provide vocational support for the disabled
  • Help children to overcome poverty and provide life-saving medicine and supplies

Gifts That Multiply

Your gifts means a lot to people who are in need. Angels’ Haven runs many different ministries to meet the needs of people. We appreciate every kind of donation, including, clothing, medicine, school supplies, water, necessities, emergency aids, food, survival kits, etc. We also welcome used items that are still in a good condition to give out to people who need them.


Share your talent and time in a meaningful way by volunteering at Angels’ Haven. You can make a tangible difference for children, the disabled and afflicted. We have various ways for you and your family to be a part of Angels’ Haven’s work. You can help us in the kitchen, cleaning and assisting the disabled as well as designing our reports and magazines.

Contact us if you have a question regarding how to give

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